Indoor Farms Are In Fashion

Food production needs a change. It is a reality and a proposal of intentions by the agricultural sector. For a few months, it is possible to see in the streets of Brooklyn large containers that await the technology that is getting the future of food to have a new path. But what is really hidden in these big cubes? The answer is simple: climate control. This allows you to grow products from all over the world at any time with the right weather conditions for each of them. “Instead of sending food worldwide, we send the weather data and incorporate it into our operating system,” said Tobias Peggs, the co-founder of Square Roots, pioneer in this type of cultivation techniques.

indoor farming

This agriculture is much more sustainable, since it allows the distribution of the genus to local stores, without the need for large pollutant transports, as it can be done by bicycle, for example. It is the concept of urban agriculture in its most literal form. In addition to avoiding the cost of transportation and the contamination that this implies, indoor cultivation has many advantages such as rapid commercialization, pesticide disposal and harvesting continues throughout the year.

Indoor Farms Save Costs And Give Many Benefits

Although the saving in transport costs is high, capital investment can be an obstacle to the development of this type of activity. This is stated by Jeffrey Landau, the Director of Business Development at Agritecture Consulting: «Your lighting system will be one of your biggest capital costs. And then there is ventilation, air conditioning, irrigation and harvest. Make a mistake and you will have a very expensive update. ”

According to investors and specialists, this innovative method is rapidly scalable according to demand. And this is one of the specifications required of services and products to ensure its success. So says Tobias Peggs: «We can put an herb farm in a new city for less than $ 500,000 and grow in two months. We simply press the ‘basil button’, or mint or tarragon, and the box is set to grow in optimal weather conditions ».

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